The World of Today :: a poem by Christian Holm

I feel as though the world has changed,

Leaving me to feel lost, amiss, aloof, estranged

Bombs, Hate, Greed, and short skirts,

Selfishness, Pain, Disconnect and transparent shirts.

Family is lost, Hope is fading,

Racial tension prevalent, a world full of degrading,

Niggers, Gooks, Crackers and Spics,

Hard to trust in a world of tricks.

No longer can one’s dreams be deferred,

Realized dreams are only those that the wealthy prefer.

With little hope, and little ambition,

Hard to not feel as though life is just a vain mission.

Submitting to ideals that are misunderstood,

It is hard to know what parts lay under today’s hood.

Happiness comes and happiness goes,

But only so where the money grows.

Hope is dim, faith is weak and love is lost,

But I’ll do what it takes to get them all back, whatever the cost.

Because I won’t settle for a heartless world,

And I won’t go down with my fists unfurled.

I will not go quietly into this obsidian night,

I will clench my jaw and put up my fight.

I will risk it all to get this world back,

No matter the pain, I will not crack.

Push me down I will get back to my feet,

Strike me at my weakest, but I will never know defeat.

I refuse to stand around as my world is mangled,

I will squeeze at evil’s throat until it is strangled.

I am not one for quitting; I am not one to lose,

Give up my hope? That I will forever refuse.

I know my purpose; I can taste my resolve,

This world’s dilemma is my puzzle to solve.

So do what you may, and say what you might,

But stop me you won’t, For I will not go quietly into the night.